What is the best woodyard and firewood loader?

Articulating loader with grapple in woodyard

The right equipment makes a huge difference for firewood operations. An essential piece of equipment for a woodyard is a loader, or at least some kind of equipment to move logs and firewood around with. Many woodyard owners run skidsteers or compact tractors, as these loaders are widely available and affordable. However, skidsteers tear up…

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Intrepid mini articulating loaders debut at Equip Expo

Mini articulating loader duals

This year’s Equip Expo visitor will be able to see and drive Intrepid loaders for the first time. Being introduced to the American green industry contractor in 2018, Intrepid loaders have since taken the green industry by storm. Tree care companies like the rugged, all-steel construction and telescopic boom feature of the loader. Landscapers and…

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Miniloaders.com introduces new small articulated loaders for arborists, green industry

small articulated loader moving stump grindings with grapple bucket

As the market for mini skidsteers and small articulated loaders continues to grow, new models are launched by manufacturers and distributors to meet green industry demands. One such distributor is Miniloaders.com, which states they are primarily focused on the needs of tree care professionals. Owner Chris Sleurink states that besides mini skidsteers, 25hp small articulated…

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Cleaning out horse stalls with Purple Packer and the Intrepid KM85 small articulated loader

Cleaning the horse stall can now be done using mechanical and hydraulic power using a mini articulated loader (also referred to as small articulated loader). An articulated miniloader fitted with a manure grab can drive in and scoop up manure and bedding in one sweep. Keeping horse stalls and barns clean is a labor-intensive job…

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TNA grapple

TNAttachments Grapple built and designed by Top Notch Equipment, based on years of tree care industry experience – More info HERE Price: $3995Grapple openening: 61 in.Fits mini-skidsteer universal hitchesText or call Chris at Miniloaders.com for more info or ordering information: +1 806-283-0620

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A short guide to buying a mini loader grapple for tree care

Tree care companies and landscapers that own mini skidsteers or articulating loaders may argue about whether a skidsteer or articulating loader is better, but most will agree that the arborist grapple is one of the best attachments to own. This page aims to help buyers of mini (!) skidsteers/wheel-loaders understand what’s out there when it comes…

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Compact loader decisions – (mini) skidsteer, compact tractor or mini articulating loader?

Whether you’re a landscaper, arborist, construction contractor or just want to work around your property, you may arrive at the point where you want to purchase a small piece of loader equipment. There are multiple compact loader options to choose from, but which is best for you?  This article gives you general information and pros &…

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Compact wheel-loaders in the rental market

Part of this article featured in a compact wheel loader industry outlook from Pro Contractor Rentals. What is trending in compact wheel loaders?  Compact wheel loader manufacturers are not sitting still and are driven to improvement by customer needs and regulations. They improve current models based on user feedback or release new models based on both feedback and…

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KM90 mini loader still used after 20 years

Dec 19, 2018 – Today, the Belgian manufacturer of Intrepid mini loaders announced they received the 7th KM (Knikmops) mini loader ever built at the factory. The mini loader was built in 1998 and was delivered for service, still being steadily used after 20 years of work.  Knikmops started building these sturdy mini loaders in 1997, when they started…

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Mini loader walk-around and driving – Intrepid KM130 Tele

KM130 Tele compact loader moving large log with grapple in tree care setting

Sam Turnea from Sam’s the Man Tree Service walks us through the new KM130 Tele mini loader. In this video we show some key features of the KM130 – it’s tight turning radius, MT universal mount and ease of use. Contact us for more information or pricing. This mini articulating loader is easy to transport…

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