About us

We are your compact miniloader specialist! We sell high quality loaders manufactured in Belgium. We distribute all across the US. Call us anytime for parts, service or inquiries. 

Compact machinery is on the move. When efficiency, speed, and power come into play, a growing number of American companies choose for articulating miniloaders.
Anticipating this development, we partnered up with Knikmops. This Belgian company builds compact wheel-loaders and mini-loaders  since 30 years. The solution is what we focus on. What tasks and jobs do you need to get done? We focus on functionality, not just the loader. Together we can set up the perfect tool for your jobsite.

Feel free to contact us if you have ideas or questions.

About Knikmops

Intrepid™ mini articulating loaders are manufactured in Belgium in a family-run factory. 30 years ago, two brothers started welding machinery that made life easier for paving contractors. They started with a self-propelled stone carrier called the Rollmops. The barn where they welded soon became too small as they started selling more machines in the Netherlands.


In 1997, Knikmops manufactured their first mini articulating loader, a machine weighing just 2000 lbs. Our Intrepid miniloader, the KM100, is based on this machine and is still one of their most popular machines. The machines are characterized by their all steel, heavy duty construction. Each machine’s life starts with the stocking of Scandinavian steel sheets up to 1 inch thick in an automated sheet storage and selection elevator of around 30 ft. high. From there on the sheets are cut by automatic laser cutters and welded into frames by hand and welding robots. The frames are coated and made ready for final assembly. Lastly, the machines are carefully assembled in the production hall.