As the importer, we are able to directly provide you parts and other forms of service. How does this work in practice?

  • As the end user, choose your own point of service. This can be an established equipment dealership, hydraulic workshop, (mobile) mechanic or yourself. Make sure to have them contact us for technical information and, when it concerns a warranty situation, have them bill us directly.
  • We support your point of service directly with parts and required information over the phone, email or our app.
  • All parts to keep your Intrepid running are stored in one central place and are one phone call, email or text message away from being sent to you.


Your Intrepid loader has a warranty period of 1000 hours or two years, whichever comes first. Our warranty covers parts and service, with the exception of wear & tear parts like filters and tires.


On your phone, tablet or computer, head to to access all information you need to know about your Intrepid loader. (Part) manuals, an FAQ,  and a digital service log are included!