introduces new small articulated loaders for arborists, green industry introduces new small articulated loaders for arborists, green industry

As the market for mini skidsteers and small articulated loaders continues to grow, new models are launched by manufacturers and distributors to meet green industry demands. One such distributor is, which states they are primarily focused on the needs of tree care professionals. Owner Chris Sleurink states that besides mini skidsteers, 25hp small articulated loaders in the 2500-3500 lbs weight class have become hugely popular among arborists. The machines are used to assist in jobsite clean-up, often fitted with (knock-around) grapples to feed brush and logs into chippers and trailers. Chris; “Their biggest advantages are no lawn damage, speed, and higher lift and reach capacities.”

The company now announces the introduction of two new loaders, the Intrepid KM85 and Intrepid KM130 Tele. Chris; “after listening to tree care professionals at the yearly Tree Care Industry expo and ISA conferences, we decided to add two new loaders to our line-up”. One is the KM85, which is now one of the smallest wheel-loaders you can buy in the US. “Weighing just 2000 lbs, this loader is easy to haul, but it still has an operating capacity of 1000 lbs”, Chris says. The other is the KM130 Tele, a larger 4000 lbs loader featuring a telescopic boom and 2000 lbs operating capacity. Chris: “This loader is tailored towards those who don’t deal with size and weight constraints, but would still like to keep the benefits of minimal turf damage and a telescopic boom.”

small articulated loaders with TNA grapples feeding bandit chipper
Intrepid KM100 Tele small articulated loader feeding a large Bandit chipper with a TNA Grapple (Gerrein Green, Kentucky)

Besides taking on employees, equipment purchases are major investment decisions, especially for smaller tree care companies. According to Chris; “arborists looking to invest in new equipment or setting up a new crew need to look closely at what kind of equipment to buy first. A truck, chipper, a loader? We increasingly see a loader being acquisition number one.” He continues; “a skilled miniloader operator takes away the labor of four ground guys.” Mini skidsteers and small articulated loaders are relatively easy to finance compared to larger pieces of equipment, costing between $40.000-$60.000 when delivered with a forestry grapple. sells three small articulated loaders directly to tree care companies across the country and exhibits at tradeshows and conferences across the country. As of 2023, is looking for dealerships to help sell the loaders to a broader customer base.

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