A short guide to buying a mini loader grapple for tree care

A short guide to buying a mini loader grapple for tree care

Tree care companies and landscapers that own mini skidsteers or articulating loaders may argue about whether a skidsteer or articulating loader is better, but most will agree that the arborist grapple is one of the best attachments to own. This page aims to help buyers of mini (!) skidsteers/wheel-loaders understand what’s out there when it comes to grapples. Especially for arborists, the grapple is the primary attachment used to clear the jobsite of logs and brush, feed the chipper, and even to push/pull over trees safely. This page lists the grapples miniloader owners can choose from in the United States; important here is that only grapples for the mini-skidsteer universal hitch are listed.

Here’s some important considerations* for grapple buyers:

  1. Capacity rating. Compare the lifting capacity of your loader to the capacity rating of the grapple. Especially take in account the increasingly popular mini articulating loader, which often lifts quite a bit more than a mini skidsteer. Ask your dealer or the manufacturer whether the grapple is compatible with your loader.
  2. There are notable quality differences between grapples available on the market, which should bring you to your third consideration:
  3. Your peers. Get in touch with fellow equipment owners that have experience in operating grapples with their miniloaders and ask them how their grapple holds up to the tough conditions they’re put through. Also consult blogs like Treebuzz and Facebook groups, where plenty of discussion can be found about equipment decisions.
  4. Some manufacturers have equipped their mini grapples with helpful features. Examples are protected grease zerks, rope bollards, built-in tree pusher teeth, internal hose routing or even a 2’’ receiver hitch.

*Further in-depth buying considerations can be found in this TCIA article

Here is what’s out there when it comes to mini loader grapples.
*Non-discounted prices shown are shown based on online search. Prices shown are indicative only and subject to change. Consult your dealer of the manufacturer for definitive pricing. 

Designation and link to more info Opening (inch)Weight (lbs)Price*Hydr. rotation option available
Berlon Forestry Grapple
Branch Manager 56” T1001
Blue Diamond Mini Rotating Log Grapple
Ryan’s 52” mini grapple
TNAttachments mini grapple61270$3495Yes
Erskine Mini Multi-Purpose Grapple
Beaver Squeezer 54” mini grapple
Wallenstein LXG210S40285$3410No
Bobcat log grapple56n.an.aNo

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Beaver Squeezer 54” mini grapple
Ryan’s 52” mini grapple
TNAttachments mini grapple
Branch Manager 56″ T1001 BMG
Erskine Mini Multi-Purpose Grapple
Wallenstein LXG210S
Berlon Forestry Grapple
Blue Diamond® Mini Rotating Log Grapple

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