Gerrein Green (KY) and Intrepid mini articulating loaders

Gerrein Green (KY) and Intrepid mini articulating loaders

Tony from Gerrein Green (located near Cincinatti OH) has purchased three Intrepid loaders over the last 2.5 years. Starting with a mini skidsteer, he was introduced to mini articulating loaders from another well-established brand. He was then introduced to Intrepid loaders by a friend and was immediately fond of them. According to Tony, the Intrepids provide better quality and performance.

He now solely uses Intrepid loaders in tandem with grapple trucks to quickly remove logs and debris from tree care jobsites. Stating further in a TCIA magazine article that; “Wheel loaders are our secret. We’ve been in business only two years and now have three loaders. We just about doubled our business to a multi-million dollar operation going from one to two loaders. Their high production allows us to run a crew of two to three for what would normally take five or more people.”

Mini articulating loaders are excellent at preventing the customers’ yard from being damaged, as Tony explains: “There are other guys who end up tearing up the property. If you pay us 25% more, we won’t tear up the property,’ which means the owner will not have to incur the cost and time to reseed and re-treat the property.

Citing from the TCIA article: in his company’s brief lifespan thus far, Tony has already experienced their contributions, so much so that he has big plans for more. “They’re a godsend,” he opines, and refers to one job in which his crew “took out 32 ash trees from a two-acre lot in one day with four people and two machines, generating 31 cords of wood and 55 yards of chips. We could not get a truck or larger equipment in there,” he says.

Gerrein maintains, “I plan to buy a new one each March until the end of this business.” He sees that as a mix of adding to the fleet and selling off ones that get too old for his purposes. “If I can find enough employees and I’m doing $5 million a year, I’ll get eight of them.”

The company uses three Intrepids daily – two of them being the Intrepid KM100 Tele mini articulating loader.

See Gerrein Green in action with one of their Intrepid KM100 Teles:

Intrepid KM100 Tele doing the heavy lifting with a Branch Manager log grapple

Gerrein Green crew using the reach of a KM100 Tele with Branch Manager Grapple to grab logs and brush. They use the mini articulating loader to feed a powerful Bandit chipper or stage debris by the roadside for subsequent pick-up.

Intrepid KM100 Tele articulating loader with branch manager grapple picking up a log