A Texas tree service and its Intrepid KM100 Tele mini loader

A Texas tree service and its Intrepid KM100 Tele mini loader

Ryan from Sunnybrook Tree Service purchased a Intrepid KM100 Tele mini loader from us in 2018. The tree care company uses the loader to clear brush and logs from the jobsite with a Branch Manager Grapple. Having already named the loader ‘Arnold’, Ryan states that he is able to finish jobs much faster than before. He was also able to clear trees off a university campus, something he was unable to do before without damaging turf.

The articulated steering and wide turf tires are important for this feature. The loader is not made exclusively to lift heavy logs, but the log in the pictures he sent weighs over 1000 lbs, plenty for his needs. Clearing a jobsite fast of brush and logs, basically replacing the groundsmen normally needed for that task; that’s where Ryan’s KM100 Tele is a real moneymaker. Especially considering its high speed: 11 miles per hour.

Ryan: ‘The mini loader is definitely making me a lot of money on some jobs, especially on big tree removals. We are doing some big jobs three or four times as fast with a great deal less effort!’

In a TreeBuzz forum post, Ryan elaborates further:

I have 650 hours or so on mine, and have had no major issues other than needing to replace the joystick because of buttons wearing out. Other than that, it has been amazing platform for tree work, and I continue to find more ways to use it on the job to save time and energy.

The main work it does: Cleanup is totally based on the mini loader now. We use it to load everything on removals and pruning jobs: logs, limbs, brush, and debris. We extract larger limbs/logs from the work zone first, then use the Branch Manager rake to push everything together into massive piles, then grab with the grapple, hand-trim a bit if necessary, and stuff into the dump trucks. Telescoping boom stacks brush on the trucks very high. Repeat, then use of combo of light raking and branch manager scoops to pick up the last piles of finer debris. Pushing the piles around with the broom really packs everything together. Amazing savings on time spent stacking brush and chipping. We stopped using the chipper, and do have to cut the bed down more frequently, but still way ahead of where we used to be.

Thank you Ryan for choosing Intrepid!

Check out our latest demo video from Madison (WI) to see how an Intrepid loader and Branch Manager Grapple are used to clear jobsites fast:

Check how an Intrepid articulating can prove to be a helpful hand on a tree care jobsite:

Mini loader loading logs into trailer using Branch Manager grapple

Ryan from Sunnybrook Tree loading debris into the dump trailer using the Intrepid mini loader and Branch Manager Grapple (BMG)

The 25hp KM100 Tele has excellent reach – when fully extended, the teleboom gives the loader a maximum pin height of 9.7 ft.

Mini loader loading logs into trailer with branch manager grapple