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Spandet Dairy in Texas got to know a new piece of equipment lately, and it’s already living up to its expectations. Here’s what dairy owner and manager Laurens has to say about his new compact loader. 

The wheelloaders we know today are large and heavy machines, and in most cases the word ‘compact’ does not apply. Laurens’ dairy crew in west Texas also never saw or heard of the compact loader. That is, up to now. This year a Giant V6004T compact loader was delivered to his dairy farm, and they’re already very satisfied with his new, multifunctional machine. Main uses of the new machine is feeding calves and clean out heifer and calf pens.

Speed up!

‘Our premises hold about 13.000 cows, so we need to travel long distances to get to the jobsite. While a skid steer only does about 10 mp/h, the new compact loader moves much faster at 16 mp/h. This saves us time’. Dairy owners, especially the ones with a few or more employees, will agree that a time-saving machine is a money-saving machine.

Easy to handle

‘Our employees are able to handle the compact loader very easily. Introducing the new machine to the employees was no big deal’, Laurens explains. As a company manager and owner, you want your employees to understand and operate new equipment as soon as possible. Giant compact loaders ensure smooth handling and easy hop on/hop off. With its 360 degree operating visibility, it’s safer than a skid steer. In a few seconds your machine is up and running when you need it.

Capabilities in tight spaces

Laurens: ‘We need to get in tight spaces when working with the calves, this machine does this well. Because of the 360 degrees view we can do it fast without damaging anything. The machine is very manoeuvrable’.  Manoeuvrability is a key feature of the Giant compact loader, making it very efficient in small barns or pens.

Compact power

‘This loader is powerful and fast’. Scraping large amounts of manure is one of the tasks employees use the compact loader for. With up to 5500 lbs. of lifting capacity, the machine outclasses other compact machinery in its size and weight.