Different models for different purposes

Different models for different purposes

Miniloaders.com offers different mini-loader sizes with Intrepid, built by Belgian manufacturer Knikmops. Their loader features Poclain wheel motors, Kubota engines and Bosch hydraulics – components from quality brands that don’t break easy.

The following Intrepid miniloader types are available from us:

  • Intrepid KM100 with standard boom
  • Intrepid KM100 Tele with telescoping boom for higher reach

Whether you are looking for a nimble loader to get into small spaces, or a general toolcarrier on your landscape supply, we have the tailored model to suit your needs. We deploy differently spec’ed models for different tasks. Our compact loaders are easy to maneuver and pack quite a punch for their size. Pictured is our Intrepid KM100 Tele miniloader, ideal for landscaping and tree care. Miniloaders.com & Knikmops work together to bring you a high quality loader for any jobsite.

Our logo for the Intrepid miniloader: